CP Youth Centre Programing

We are proud to provide the youth of CP the best experiences and learning opportunities at low to no cost – we have set out a variety of programs to meet individual interests check them out below.

Daily & Special Programing

Submit forms to cpyouthfundraising@gmail.com 

or contact cpyouthcenter@gmail.com for any inquiries.

School Year Camps

We offer school year day camps over march break and winter break and PA Days throughout the year.

We plan some fun activity filled camps for ages 8-12.

Summer Camps

We offer exciting summer camps over the warm winter months throughout daytime hours. Summer camps are filled with fun learning experiences and occasional trips!

We plan some fun activity filled camps for ages 8-12.

Leadership Summer Camp

Leadership Summer Camps are some of the most rewarding camp sessions! Youth can explore leadership roles, learn practical skills and engage with the community showcasing their skills, leadership and knowledge!

Our leadership camp is aimed at youth ages 12-18.

Have any questions?
Reach out to our ED by email at: cpyouthcenter@gmail.com