Return to normal

With restrictions lifted and things more or less back to normal, most info below has now become outdated and no longer applicable. There are no restrictions and masks are optional. However in the event restrictions change, we may have to implement them again. Thank you for your understanding.

Here’s How We’re Keeping You Safe!

We have been working with the local health unit and following Provincial guidelines to develop standards and procedures to keep you safe


Carleton Place & District Youth Centre is a social service and is identified as such by the local health unit. Therefor we are not required to request proof of vaccination for any participants. We do require staff and adult (18+) volunteers to either be fully vaccinated or provide proof of negative COVID test. We strongly encourage anyone who is visiting the Centre be vaccinated against COVID19.

If You Have or Show Any Symptom

As always, if you are sick, please do not come back to the centre until you are symptom free for 24 hours or are cleared by the Health Unit. Any person with one or more symptoms must not enter the facility, should self-isolate and consider getting tested at a local assessment centre. Visitors are monitored while attending and will be denied access, or removed from the program setting to be picked up, should they show any symptom. Parents/Guardians will be called to come pick up child(ren) from our isolation area.

Gathering Limits, HEPA Filters, Facility Sanitizing, and Program Modifications

Capacity limits are still in effect due to current staff limitations. Current capacity for after school and camps are 12 participants. Gathering limits are no longer in effect but should they be reintroduced they vary depending on activity, and are specified on the monthly activity calendar. We have 2 HEPA Grade Filter Air Purifiers running during indoor activities. Frequently touched items and areas such as washrooms, chairs, tables, games, are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day. Shared sports equipment such as basketballs and hockey sticks are cleaned and disinfected often. All activities, workshops, and programs have been modified to fit the Local Health Unit and Provincial COVID19 Safety Standards!

Self Assessment

Any person accessing the facility must complete an active screening assessment or perform an online COVID-19 self-assessment or School/ChildCare Screening before arriving or at the entrance. You can send results to us by screen capture or send us the results via facebook or email to: You can even do this on your phone before arriving! Ultimately we have to see that it was done.

Contact Tracing

We ask that contact tracing recording continue until all COVID measures are lifted. Anyone visiting the facility, even if stopping by, will be asked to sign in and provide a means of contact. We will make sure your contact info is up to date on your membership form.

Masking, Hand Washing/Sanitizing, and Physical Distancing

Effective March 21, 2022 masking and physical distancing are optional. Due to the fluid nature of COVID, should mandates be required again, we may have to have them mandatory. When masking is mandatory, masks must be worn properly at all times except when any visitors are sitting down to eat, or when outside and distanced.  Three and Four Layer Masks as well as KN95 respirators, are available should anyone need one. Hand sanitizer is provided throughout the centre and may be brought outside if doing activities. Hand sanitizing is not required, but we do encourage frequent handwashing especially when first arriving and before and after eating. Should stricter measures for COVID be reintroduced, physical distancing will be required for anyone who is not in your household, both inside and outside of the Youth Centre.